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My new site ist up on

hey I made my new Dollsite here and now its up on, well i'll put up the dollz in some minutes, but only the newest one and you can see my newest here in my blogentries

have fun Lisa

19.12.06 13:14

19. Decemer

in 5 days its Chrismas day and i only have 2 presents jetomg....well I've made a new Character doll, its Elisabeth Sman in this beautiful dress


19.12.06 20:16

22 December

two days to go and only two presents yet....... well, I'll put up a christmas surprise for you but here are my two newest Dolls in evening dresses



22.12.06 12:37

29 December

hello you

Merry X-mas to you all I've forgotten to put up the gift pt here ist ist hope you like it

I also put up some older Dolls, like my arwe doll or the bloody mary ^^ 

And please join my pixelboard, its german and you can learn everything from users to users ^^





29.12.06 17:07

31 December

Howdy everybody

well tonight will be new-years-night and tmorrow you'll get your present ^^.

I tried a new way to do the hair ( thx to fainelloth your tutorials are awesome) and  I hope you like it


have fun tonight  

31.12.06 12:40


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