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2 January

Happy New Year everybody!

sorry that I'm this late but yesterday I was very tired and slept hole day ^^

well here's xour New Years gift !!! Hope you like it

Base and prop by

2.1.07 19:56

14 January

omg its been long time ago since I wrote my last blg...well I wasn't able to do another Doll but maybe later I'll do one. I won another Award for a potrait doll you can find the under " Awards" ( I'm very proud of it ^^) only 24 days to go for my Birthday
14.1.07 18:16

26 January

Well hello again, in the last days I hadn't had time to do any dolling so Im sorry but here it goes again I've made one more doll in the fashion section, I like her hair but the shading ist really sh..

26.1.07 19:03

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